Strengthening Blended Families

Every blended or stepfamily has its own story, described by some experts as “a complicated mix of sadness and disappointment combined with optimism.” These stories are increasingly common. Half of all recent marriages in the United States are remarriages for either the husband, wife, or both. About one third of children living in the United States today will live in a blended or stepfamily before they become adults. An estimated 9,100 new American stepfamilies are created each week. Thus if you live or have lived in a blended or stepfamily, you have a lot of company! Like all families, these families have challenges as well as strengths. For these families to become stronger, it’s important that they are aware of some of common challenges they face and ways to effectively deal with them. It’s also important for them to identify and build upon their inherent strengths. The Strengthening Blended Families episode and the articles that support it are designed to help them do just that.