Keeping a Marriage Strong, Part 1

In his book, Four Essays on Love, emeritus Brigham Young University professor Truman Madsen tells the following story:”It was an anniversary banquet. A four-generation family gathered to honor their silvery grandfather and his sweetheart. It seems to me it was their sixtieth, but, as you will see, it doesn’t matter which. This slight, hallowed woman sat, very close, I thought, to her husband. He was an oak, 81, and his body had the measuring lines and circles of his long, hard pull. You would say he was an ugly old fellow, except for the clearness of his eyes. He stood and made some comment about the flamboyant way love is advertised these days. Then he said, “When I was a boy, it thrilled me just to touch Lucy’s arm.” He turned, smiled in her lifted face and said, most softly, “And it still does.”

This story illustrates beautifully marriage as it can be. We hope that Keeping a Marriage Strong, Part 1, gave you some ideas for making your marriage into what it can be. The topics of commitment, marriage as a covenant, spending time together, intimacy, and handing conflict were discussed. Read the articles in this section for many more ideas for strengthening marriage in these areas.